Why the name Big Fish Stories? 

A much simpler name would have been "Heather Marlin Photography" but it's not just about me! My work is inspired by others, I am telling your story through my lens. Life changes so quickly I feel it is extremely important to caputure as much of it as you can! The Marlin fish is one of the largest in the sea, hence the name Big Fish. 

I can't schedule my baby in the 5-14 day window for Newborn sessions, am I too late!?!

Not at all!! The window is given because that betters our odds of success for a sleepy, posable baby which is necessary for posed shots. We can still have a gallery full of beautiful images with older newborns. We will try some of the posed shots and if your baby can't relax into them then we change our plan and do more swaddle wrapped shots and prop shots. We can also take a more documentary style approach with a lifestyle images. 

What is included in the session fee?

The session fee covers the booking, pre-consultation, session planning and preparation, time and talent during the shoot, expert editing, and a live gallery reveal complete with drinks and hors d'oeuvres, and continues on through ordering and product delivery.  Depending on the session you choose props, outfits, and set ups may also be included. 

Live gallery reveal..huh!?!

One thing I learned in the last few years was that I was giving too many options and not enough information! When I first started out I offered my clients online galleries for them to preview and order their images. The choices were overwhelming and confusing! I now offer a personalized gallery reveal for you and your family. Hosted in my studio (or your home if you prefer!) you will be able to sit back, relax, munch on appetizers , and enjoy seeing your beautiful images for the first time through an artfully designed slideshow. You and all other decision makers go one by one through your gallery to select your top images. Once you have selected your favorites I help you through the ordering process. Sessions do not include products, I offer product collections as well as a la cart products.  All of my offerings are high end products that are designed to last a lifetime. Whether it be albums, wall art, prints or customized artwork, we will pick out products that work the best for your needs and become items that you can proudly display in your home. All purchases must be made during the gallery reveal. If you would like to set up an online gallery to view your images again after the reveal there is a $25 fee. The gallery will be live for 2 weeks and can be viewed by anyone whom you where your password. Payment plans are available for product purchases over $200. 

Can I share my photos on social media? What does print release mean?

Of course you can! "Like" Big Fish Stories on Facebook. From there you can tag yourself and your friends but you CAN NOT ALTER these photos in anyway because you are not the owner of them. That means that you can not crop out the watermark or digitally edit them in anyway. Once you have selected and paid for your session photos, you own the release to print and may distribute them at your discretion. The print release means that you own the rights to print the photos but the copyright still belongs to Big Fish Stories Photography & Design. That states that the photographer has the rights to share and distribute the photos. I will not release model names without written consent. 

Do you ever have mini sessions?

Not typically. I don't like to work with time restraints when children are involved and mini sessions need to be run on a very tight schedule. I want to ensure the best possible photos for you and your family and that is not always possible in 30 minutes or less. I do however offer 1 mini session per year to existing clients. 

Do I have to pay a deposit? 

In most cases a $75 booking fee is required to reserve your session.  The price will be deducted from the total cost of your session. This fee will not be refunded for "no shows". Sessions canceled within 7 days or less forfeit their booking fee.  The fee can be used towards a future session (within 30 days) is session is cancelled more than 7 days in advance . If more than one reschedule occurs an additional booking fee will be required. 

Do you do events, weddings, milestone sessions, etc.?

Absolutely! I do not always have every type of session on display in my portfolio. Contact me about your photography needs and I would be happy to customize a plan that's right for you. 

Can I share my Pinterest board with you?

Seeing photos that you pin can give me a great perspective of what you like. Although I will NEVER recreate an exact photo. Every artist has their own vision and style. I would not want to compromise mine nor would I want to plagiarize someone else work. Most of all, I want to give you a photo that is as unique and beautiful as you are! 

Where do we do the shoot?

There are many options!  My first choice for most sessions is typically outdoors. I will travel to an outdoor location of your choice or I can recommend a spot.  We all know that Ohio weather can be finicky.  For that reason I have an indoor studio in my home in Centerburg (just North East of Columbus!). If you love lifestyle portraits, there is no better place to do them than your own environment. 

My kid won't smile, pose, behave, etc. 

Having a child behave and model well for the camera is both of our jobs. When time allows we can give extra time for uncooperative models but rescheduling and refunds will not be given due to behavioral issues. 

I won't be in the photos, so what do I do?

Any bystanders are automatically transformed into photographers assistants :) You can play a very important role of keeping the model happy and smiling, or in a newborns case full and sleepy. You may even be asked to hold props. reflectors, and equipment...get ready!

What do I wear?!?

Each type of session is different, Check out some tips on how to prepare for your portrait session as well as ideas from my Pinterest page. Just ask for specific questions and styling assistance! 

Can you incorporate a prop, theme, or multiple outfits ?

I sure can! We will meet up for a pre-consultation to get know each other and plan out all of the details of your session. Due to the nature of some locations or time restrictions, outfit changes are not always doable. 

I have a friend that loves the photos you took for me, do you have a referral program?

I love  repeat customers and client referrals! I offer special discounts on future sessions if you refer someone. There are also discounts avaiable if you book multiple sessions in the same year.