What's not to love about newborns!?! Cute, cuddly, and oh so fresh! Their coos, purrs, and sweet smell are enough to make me weak in the knees. Baby snuggles are undoubtedly a job perk that I don't ever want to live without! 

As rewarding as they are, newborn sessions are A LOT of work, but my oh my it's so worth it! There are many things you may not know about my newborn sessions. For starters, the session can take weeks to plan and days to set up. From washing handmade, original outfits in scent and dye free, safe detergent to arranging coordinating swaddle wraps, blankets, baskets, and posing pillows in the proper order, and setting up all supplies that might be needed to keep baby safe and happy during his or her first ever photoshoot. The client lounge fridge gets stocked with snacks and drinks and Netflix is prepped for parents who want a few quiet moments to relax on the couch. Lots of prep work goes into this session to make sure that come show time, the biggest concern is getting your little bub to sleep soundly.

We will work together to create an overall vision for your session including color schemes and props. The Newborn Questionnaire is a great place to start! You will bring your baby into the studio typically between 5-14 day after their arrival. This window is preferred (but not required*) because your little one still tends to sleep a lot, and is still flexible, which means these curly, snuggly poses you see are very comfortable for them. Fun Fact...Did you know that babies are born with almost 100 more bones than the adult body? This is very helpful for life in the womb and traveling through the birth canal. Their bones start to fuse around the 2 week mark. That is also when they start to gain more muscle control and will like to stretch out their adorable arms and legs and even begin to raise their head up a bit. Every baby is different! So don't panic if you see these milestones happening earlier or later than the typical timeline. Check out my A-Z Guide for how to prepare baby for a photoshoot.  

 It's usually best to reach out to me early when scheduling a session. Most clients book their session in the begging of their 3rd trimester, or the beginning in of their 2nd if they are also including a maternity session. If you are wanting to document your pregnancy and other milestones in your baby's life (because babies change a lot in a year!) we can go overcast savings options such as "The Baby Plan" which offers a session discount and is the only session that includes products.